I started training dogs when I was thirteen, back in 1993. My parents bred and showed German Shepherd dogs and established a dog training centre in the West Midlands.

When I left school, I joined this family business to train full time. My father and I soon gained an excellent reputation for being able to help dogs that had become very difficult, or most people thought too difficult to handle or train. 

Every week owners would bring dogs that were aggressive, nervous or just out of control. We’d see dogs that had got their owners into serious trouble because they had bitten someone. We took on dogs that had been turned away from other training schools.


I was there for five years training almost seven days a week. I helped hundreds of dogs and their owners. I experienced every breed and saw every behavioural problem a dog can develop. It was an incredible experience; one few dogs trainers have had. 

It all means for me, communicating with dogs is as easy as having a conversation with a human. 

I find dog training very simple and easy.  It’s all about the right approach right, attitude and mindset. For your dog to be successful there also needs to be love, affection, respect, consistency and discipline. 

Today my services are in greater demand than ever. It’s all because of recent Covid lockdowns;  more people than ever are getting a dog. However, a lot of them have had no experience with dogs.


For them it is essential they learn how to communicate with their new dog because none of us were born natural ‘dog whisperers’;  It’s a skill I we all have to learn. 

I can help you with many types of dog training problems from aggression, barking marking in your home, I see it all. If you need some help or advice why not give me a shout? I am offering a free assessment for both you and your dog. 

Daniel Markham


"Since our course of lessons my dog doesn’t pull on his lead at all, which makes walking such a pleasure also he is much calmer with other dogs.Time and Money very well spent! "


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Vivian Branson - Tonbridge

“My dog Rufus started being aggressive when anyone came to the door. Daniel showed me how to deal with the problem. Rufus is happier dog now ”


Miss McKay, West Malling