Dogs Behaving Pawfectly provide specialist dog training on a one-to-one basis in the comfort of your own home or local environment. We tailor our dog and puppy training to the individual needs of you and your pet and give you the tools you need to continue the good work throughout your dog's life.


Home Visit - £75 

There are fundamental skills every dog should know, and you must teach. The very act of teaching these will help you stop and resolve unwanted behaviours. For example. A dog pulling on the leash and not responding to its owner will often not come back when called when off its lead. 

​Every working dog, whatever their discipline; a search and rescue dog, a gun dog, a police dog learned the basics first. All domestic dogs seek guidance, leadership, and security from humans. When this is lacking, that’s when things go wrong.

If your dog has developed a behaviour problem or you're just looking for some professional advice and training, why not start here by booking a 1 to 1 consultation at your home with Daniel ?

He will assess your dog and identify any handling issues that are causing or could lead to problems. He’ll give you valuable advice and show you essential training techniques to help you and your dog. Why not call Daniel now

 07904 394843

 1 to 1 Lessons £200 


Daniel offers a course of three 1 to 1 lesson tailored to the individual needs of you and your dog. Lessons can take place in the comfort of your own home and/or local environment. 

​He will cover teaching your dog to sit down, stay, and to walk on a lead without pulling. You’ll learn about recall and gain impressive skills to help you and your dog improve. 


As a result, your dog will become happier and feel more secure, and dogs that are feeling safe are less likely to develop behavioural issues. 

Sweet Dog
Behavioural Issues 

The most common issues dog owners have trouble with are recall, pulling on the leash, constant barking and aggressive or nervous behaviour. A lot people believe these behaviours can’t be solved and tolerate them. They blame the behaviour on the breed or the fact the dog came from an animal shelter. 

Often this isn’t the case. Dogs who are showing nervous or aggressive behaviour are feeling insecure in their environment. Dogs which bark at the door, or people in the street, feel they have to take control of the situation because no one else will. 

To solve issues like these, a dog must first have confidents in its owner. Owners achieve this by adopting the right attitude and behaviours around their dog. At Dogs Behaving Pawfectly we can show you what the right approach is so your dog feels happier and secure. 

If your dog’s behaviour is worrying you , Give Daniel a call now for some free advice over the phone.  


It is important to address certain behaviours straight away before they escalate.


Worried that your dog is untrainable? Have you tried training classes but are still struggling? Why not book a home visit with Daniel now We will look at how you and your dog are working together. We’ll then give you some advice on the best way forward. 

Call 07904 394 843 and ask for Dan

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